Saturday, 28 December 2013

Holidays, Dinosaurs, and Laundry Squabbles.

I feel like I've been gone from the blogosphere for a while, though in reality I'm not a big name and it's only been two weeks. A lot has happened in two weeks. It's been an ebb and flow of life and holidays. Good and bad. A ying and yang of life. I managed to somehow (with all my bad luck) win over $800 worth of goodies from the lovely Sonia over at Life, Love and Hiccups. I found out a few hours before setting of on holiday to visit my rather dysfunctional family for two and a half weeks, through the entire flight with Audrey I repeated the mantra 'You have won lots of stuff. Lots of nice stuff' at least 50 times.

It's been good to be back home in Melbourne. Through the family tensions, Audrey losing her beloved best friend and resident dinosaur 'Saurus', 40 degree days, and a few run ins with my dad over whether I'm 'hogging the laundry', it's so far been good. It's been nice to see Audrey playing with her cousin, running laps of the park I frequented as a child, and fishing in a bucket on her great-grandmothers back porch under the tree my mother planted as a teenager, a subtle reminder of where mine and Audrey's roots always are. It's been two weeks of watching the next generation of children playing together when it only feels like yesterday that it was my cousin and I. However, I'm missing home and can't wait for the moment I can collapse back into my own bed, and Audrey can't wait to cuddle her Guinea Pigs again.

I hope you've got some lovely weather for me, Brisbane.

And I hope that everyone had a wonderful Festivus.

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