Monday, 9 December 2013

A Very Brisbane Christmas.

I love Christmas, I love shiny baubles, Pudding, and choosing out beautiful handmade gifts. I love everything bout it. For my family, Christmas isn't stressful. The day may become a little hectic when it comes to food and people arriving, but that chaos for me is comforting. My grandmother, however, just shakes her head and says that 'This is the last year!'

Everyone has forged their own little routines and traditions over time, my aunties annual Christmas Eve Party where her Fireman partner dresses up as Santa and stands on the roof, before climbing down and distributing books among the children (complete with his Fireman buddies cracking a few OH&S jokes over their beers), a big barbecue and the ceremonial lighting of the citronella when the hoards of Mosquitoes arrive.

My traditions followed the way of Myer. I always admired the christmas windows as a child, they took my little breath away. My dad would take me whenever I visited him in Melbourne, we would drink coffee, and wander around the city. I was so little, and sipping my Babychino and watching Melbourne's CBD go by, I felt so grown up. I loved it. I loved it so much that I knew as soon as I fell pregnant that it was a tradition I wanted my child to enjoy. Her first two years of life we visited the Melbourne Myer Christmas window and my heart swelled as Audrey stared on, amazed. This year we made some big changes. One being our move to Brisbane, and her dad and I deciding to no longer be together. Despite this, the our odd little family headed off to the city. Her dad and I keep a wonderful relationship still, and the three of us had an amazing time.

I got bearded

Audrey's dad got a call, and he too was bearded.

Then, Audrey. She giggled, then sighed 'Muuuuum!'

After the Christmas window we ended up at the Brisbane Christmas tree. 
Audrey's mind was blown by the size.

We posed for a nice photo, and Audrey ate the beard. I like it.


Just how every Christmas should be.

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