Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Where in the World is Patchwork Natural?

Things have been rather hectic in the abode of Patchwork Natural lately, and it was only when a friend mentioned my blog that I thought 'Oh. Shit. Yes. My blog. Might wanna jump on that'.


The craziness of life has lately been spurred on by a rather long trip home, attempting to unpack, a re-enrollment for a new Kindy for the Dinosaur, toilet training for said Dinosaur, and some unfortunate (to say the least) news of a wonderful friend and role model is weighing heavy on my heart, and the hearts of my family.

I so desperately want to write, but words form in my head and the sheer exhaustion of having my plate full has me resting my head on my desk, fingers poised to type, then grabbing a bottle of wine instead. It will come soon, as life settles back to its relative normality and I come to terms with the terrifying changes happening around me. My world around me has revolved and changed and settled into another place, and I'm stuck looking around at this whole new life that so far, I haven't made full sense of.

I know I'll be back in a few days, words can only swirl around in my head for so long.

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