Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Why, hello there!

My name is Brigette-Renee. I'm a twenty-something mama living in Brisbane, Queensland. I'm surrounded by trees and the 'rawrrrr!' of my two year old daughter who is obsessed with Dinosaurs, Beetles, and Rats. I live a Patchwork version of a natural and new age life. Squares of Montessori, Steiner, a community organic garden, and a weakness for 7/11 Slurpees that I just can't kick to the curb, all stitched together to form a wierd and wonderful home that was built specially for my strange family.

I fit no box. I'm not a proper Montessorian, I'm not a proper Steiner parent, I don't cook everything from scratch, and I'm absolutely terrible at growing anything that isn't Aloe Vera, and I love it. Join me in my life, it's Patchwork Natural, and it's pretty fun.


  1. Love that you are real! Loving your blog so far. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. Hi! I'm sorry that I missed your comment.
      Thank you so much, I try to be as real as possible :)